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My kid has been sleeping better since he started using this pillow. Less cranky mornings for him and he feels so much more rested the next day.

Balan P
Miragel Kids Owner
20 June 2021

This pillow is the definition of luxury. The down alternative fill is so plush and comfortable, and the cover is made of high-quality materials that feel great against your skin.

Keong T.
Miragel Owner
11 June 2021

I purchased this pillow for my husband who suffers from chronic neck pain, and it’s been a game-changer. The pillow has the perfect density to support his neck and keep him comfortable throughout the night. We both love it and highly recommend it!

Miragel Owner
9 May 2021

I am in love with this pillow! It is so comfortable and supportive, and it has made a huge difference in the quality of my sleep.

Dave T.
Miragel Owner
28 April 2021

The pillow is very comfortable and it gives me a good sleep! 🙂

Miragel Owner
17 November 2020

Timely delivery. Friendly staff. Product as specified.

Miragel Kids Owner
11 October 2020

Product quality is good. Very comfortable. Highly recommended

Steven Y.
Miragel Owner
5 October 2020

The pillows were so awesome! It feels like sinking into the clouds ❤❤❤ The packaging was also very nicely done-paintable/recycle box and the pillow itself had a soft cotton cover and Thank You care card. Very sweet touches!

Lynn C.
Miragel Owner
16 September 2020

Just the right size for a night’s hug!

Miragel Owner
21 January 2020

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