How many types of Miragel pillows are there and which is best for my sleeping position?

Because we are all individuals and have unique needs, there’s definitely one in our Miragel family that is just right for you! Go ahead, pick your comfort level:
1. Miragel Pillow
Our signature 2-inch gusset pillow. The gusset acts like an added spine with extra height for optimal weight distribution and neck alignment. Great for both side and back sleepers, and those with broader shoulders.
Size: 18 (W) x 28 (L) x (H) Inches

2. Miragel Lite Pillow
If you prefer a lower-height pillow, we’ve got you covered with our Miragel Lite, so you don’t miss out on the same great benefits of Miragel! This standard pillow height is great for back sleepers and those preferring lower height support.
Size: 19 (W) x 29 (L) x (H) Inches

3. Miragel Kids Pillows
Because sleeping right starts young! Our child-friendly series is customised for growing kids from 3 – 12 years old, becuase the better they sleep, the healthier they grow! Miragel Kids come in 2 sizes – Kids (for toddlers / pre-schoolers ages 3-6) and Petite (for pre-teens ages 7-12).
Kids Size: 14 (W) x 19 (L) x (H) Inches
Petite Size: 16 (W) x 26 (L) x (H) Inches

4. Miragel Bolsters
Whether you’re an adult or a child, bolsters add a sense of security for better sleep. A good bolster also supports body alignment while sleeping, reducing the tossing and turning of a restless sleeper.
Kids Size: 6 (D) x 28 (L) Inches
Adults Sze: 8 (D) x 36 (L) Inches

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