What does the 1 year warranty cover?

Our 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty covers the following defects in materials and workmanship of a Comfort Co. pillow that has only been under normal usage and proper care. The Warranty Period commences 14 days from date of purchase.
1. Defects of a structural or manufacturing nature, including structural flaws in the pillow causing the foam materials to split or crack, despite normal usage and proper handling.
2. Deterioration which causes the pillow to have a visible indentation or sag greater than 2cm when no weight is applied onto the pillow.
3. Side stitching coming apart.

This Warranty does not cover:
• Individual comfort preferences such a firmness, texture and feel.
• Physical abuse and improper use such as a prolonged bending or folding, sitting, standing or jumping on the pillow resulting in damage to its structure and / or cover material, including but not limited to cuts, tears, stains, soiling.
• Deformity or damage to the pillow caused by improper washing, drying or high temperature treatment.
• Abnormal or non domestic use of the pillow.
• Minor manufacturing discrepancies or cosmetic flaws.
• Pillow dimensions within the accepted tolerance of +/- 1cm on the quoted size.
• Usage outside Malaysia.
• Pillows unboxed or unwrapped after 1 month from the delivery date.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions and Warranty for more details.

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