• Revolutionary ultra-soft down-alternative fibre that offers the perfect balance between comfort and support.

• 100% natural bamboo fibre fabric for soft luxurious comfort.

• 2 inches gusset acts like an added spine with extra height for optimal weight distribution and neck alignment.

• Whether you are a side or back sleeper, we got you covered with our signature gusset, as well as non-gusset versions. Go ahead and pick your comfort.

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The ultimate sleep experience you can rest your head on.

Pick your preferred size from Miragel, Miragel Lite and Miragel Kids. Our signature pillow crafted from years of research and testing. Ultra-soft Miragel core threaded with natural bamboo fabric and sturdy 2-inch gusset build.

Meet the gusset: Two inches which make a world of difference.

If you’ve never heard of a gusset, it’s high time you did. A gusset is like a pillow’s added spine which offers extra height and support for better neck alignment. Most importantly, it evenly distributes the weight between your neck and head, making sure your body stays aligned to the spine’s natural curvature as you sleep. Our gusset runs 2 inches along the sides of the pillow, ensuring that it does not sink – the ideal design for side sleepers, those with broad shoulders or those who prefer high pillows.

The miracle of Miragel: Where comfort meets support.

Having the right support does not mean you have to forego comfort. Arguably the finest down-alternative fibre in the world, Miragel offers the best of both worlds – an ultra-soft feeling that resembles sleeping on gel, yet offering optimal support for your head and neck. Each fibre is delicately blown into the pillow, achieving this just-right amount for the perfect balance.

Rest in the soothing embrace of Mother Nature

The outer fabric of our pillows are made from all-natural bamboo fabric, a naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and breathable material that wicks moisture away from the skin. Just the right fit for a refreshing sleep sensation even in our humid tropical climate. Miragel Lite is also available should you prefer lower height. Lighter, but with the same blissful experience.
Product Specifications


Miragel Pillow (2 Inch Gusset) 46 x 71 x 18 cm Miragel Lite Pillow (Non-Gusset) 48 x 74 x 15 cm


100% Natural bamboo fibre fabric 100% Miragel fibres Double stitch cotton piping

Country of origin

Proudly made in Malaysia.

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