Find Your Comfort Zone

Our range of products caters to various ages and needs, each thoughtfully made for optimal support and comfort.

We source for the finest natural and sustainable materials, such as bamboo fibre used in our pillow covers, as well as the one-of-a-kind Miragel which offers a cooling sensation for a dreamy snooze ahead.


The ultimate sleep experience you can rest your head on. Our signature pillow crafted from years of research and testing. Ultra-soft Miragel core threaded with natural bamboo fabric and sturdy 2-inch gusset build.

Available in gusset & non-gusset sizes

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Because sleeping right starts young. Our child-friendly series customised for growing kids who deserve their 10-14 hours of quality sleep a day. The better they sleep, the healthier they grow!

Available in toddler & pre-teen sizes

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Giving the support you need for some real good sleep. Whether you’re an adult or a child, bolsters add a sense of security for better sleep. A good bolster also supports body alignment while sleeping, reducing the tossing and turning of a restless sleeper.

Available in adult and children sizes

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Why Choose Comfort Co

To give you the best in comfort, we stepped out of our comfort zone. Each time you buy a Comfort Co product, rest assured that it is a labour of love which we have spent years understanding and perfecting. Here’s what makes the Comfort Co difference:

We pride ourselves for creating high quality products for our customers

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